Letters to the Editor Clayton Business and Community Assoc. needs help

CLAYTON, CA (Mar. 19, 2023) — I recently found out that the members of the Clayton Business & Community Association (CBCA) are the ones who organize all the incredible events that take place each year in our town, and they do it quietly and with little recognition.

CBCA is a non-profit that relies on hundreds of volunteers to plan these events for the enjoyment of our community, and any money they raise gets donated back into the community. In 2008, an agreement was signed between the CBCA and the City of Clayton making these events more accessible to plan, and their partnership has been an absolute success. However, at a recent City Council meeting, Mayor Jeff Wan and Councilmembers Kim Trupiano and Jim Diaz voted to terminate this agreement without presenting any facts as to why.

Without this agreement, it could jeopardize the events in our town and reduce the amount of donations the CBCA so generously gives back. Please voice your concerns to Mayor Jeff Wan and ask him to rectify this. The CBCA needs our help!

Lisa Browett
Clayton Resident

Cost cuts won’t do it

“…If we approach this issue [new taxes] from the lens of fiscal sustainability, making sure that we can do the critical functions that we need to do as a city, I think we get support [from the Clayton community for a new tax].” Spoken by Mayor Jeff Wan, from the 9/21/21

Since this time Mayor Wan has proposed incremental cost cutting measures that will not have substantial impact on fiscal sustainability and he has refused requests from fellow council members to conduct a thorough review of impactful ways to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve continual staff turnaround. Now he is looking to the CBCA to solve the city’s budget issues in yet another attempt to create a perception of fiscally responsible action.

I hope the community will join myself and others to hold Mayor Wan accountable to seeking real and impactful solutions and not political and social media theater aimed toward an all-volunteer non-profit that has sought to support the community and businesses when the city has not had the resources to do so.

Terri Denslow
Past Chair, Clayton Planning Commission
Former CBCA Treasurer Clayton Resident

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