Letter to the Editor: If integity matters, it’s Billeter and Miller

CLAYTON, CA (Oct. 18, 2022) — People have asked me why does the Clayton City Council election matter and thusly argue that as a small town not much can go wrong if wrong candidates chosen. My logical side has to agree with this notion, but my moral side cannot. I’ve been a resident since 2017 and I’ve seen a variety of people come through as City Council members, candidates, appointees for Planning Commission and other committees and I’ve come to one common conclusion. Integrity matters.

As a small town that largely relies on volunteers to run its social and governmental matters, finding those volunteers that are stepping up for the right reasons matters.

Clayton isn’t about political power or a stepping stone to a higher office. It is about integrity and community. And doing the right thing for its people. This is why I will be casting my ballot for Ed Miller and Bridgett Billeter. Two candidates that give tirelessly and model what integrity means to our residents and future residents. If you choose integrity first, please placing your votes for these two quality candidates.

Terri Denslow, Clayton resident

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