Letter to the Editor, Does Concord want a soccer stadium?

Many Concord residents are unaware that the city council favors building a large soccer stadium in the downtown area. However, polls conducted at Todos Santos Plaza indicate that the vast majority of Concord residents oppose this plan.

If the name of our fair city has any meaning, we should be able to find a solution without assuming the worst of those with whom we disagree. This means asking questions rather than slinging accusations: Consider the following questions as a good faith effort to understand the issues.

1. Why do city council members believe that a stadium would benefit residents?
2. Why do so many Concord residents oppose the stadium?
3. Is it more important to preserve the small town feel and security of Todos Santos plaza, or is it more important to draw thousands of non-residents to the downtown area?
4. If a stadium is deemed beneficial to Concord, is it possible to re-purpose the Concord Pavilion for that use?
5. If agreement cannot be found, should the city council follow the wishes of the residents or should they pursue the stadium against the wishes of the residents?

Joel Matthews, PhD.
Concord Resident

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