Letter to the Editor — Congrat’s: August 18 , 2023 issue The Pioneer

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (Aug. 20, 2023) — I just picked up a copy of The Pioneer today Aug 18, 2023 from Concord Library and wanted to give my congratulations to the Editor and staff.

You are consistently providing your readers with information they need to know to keep informed what’s going on in the community. Aug 18 is about as best that I’ve seen – it’s power packed! From the article about “Rook”, to Concord Pavilion update, to Balcerzak Inholding, to college student entrepreneur, To Birsan Pulse, to Concord CNWS missteps, etc. It goes on and on as you flip the pages. Plus, we get an insert from EBRPD. What a deal!

This is a masterpiece of Local News reporting by the The Pioneer Staff Team. Thank you for the 20 Years 2003-2023.

Randall Pfyl

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