Letter to the Editor: Concord Not ready for Naval Weapons Station term sheet

CONCORD, CA (Jan. 4, 2023) — Our community is not ready to have a decision on the scheduled date of the 7th of January.  Multiple Councilmembers seem ready to go ahead with approval of the Term Sheet missing important details.  The term sheet includes this option:

“Provide additional direction to LRA staff and CFP regarding additional or changes provisions for consideration in the Term Sheet and continue this meeting to January 28, 2023;” …  or let the term sheet expire.

The community meeting with the developers provided important details that cannot be decided by the City Councilmembers nor provided to the community by Jan 7th with the election and holiday conflicts and a new City Councilmember.  Seeno is not a favored Master Developer as shown by the election of Laura Nakamura.

—Suzan Requa, Concord Resident

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