Letter to the Editor — Concord High School mascot Minutemen

CONCORD, CA (July 10, 2023) — Pioneer Staff Writer Jay Bedecarré July 5 reported Concord High School (b. 1966) mascot “Minutemen” is still on the chopping block.

Thought it was a dead issue two weeks ago due to a divided tie vote by MDUSD Board. It upsets me that the Board pursues this because it is so controversial and seems only by people claiming the name is discriminatory or derogatory. Last year Ygnacio Valley High School (b. 1962) mascot was changed from Warriors to Wolves- just what we need- another animal name- how boring.

In 1966 Minutemen was chosen. Thought that was a cool name. Historically they were a militia of trained individuals formed to preserve & protect. The name has POWER and one to be PROUD OF. Never heard issues until a year ago.

Don’t understand why MDUSD pursues, estimated cost of $200K ea. That could be new Teacher salaries and/or infrastructure support. It’s just a name, harmless to me and others for 67 years. It’s crucial to spend Taxpayer’s money wisely, and move on to something more important that will benefit education.

– Randall Pfyl,

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