Letter to the Editor — Concord City Council District 5 Election

CONCORD, CA (Oct. 3, 2022) — We have two candidates for Concord City Council District 5: Councilmember Tim McGallian and challenger Laura Nakamura. I follow city politics and  know both candidates. Both are good people focused on community service.

I am voting for Tim McGallian for three basic reasons: proven leadership, public safety, and his compassion and concern for all residents. Tim was Mayor for two years during the pandemic and rallied resources to help those in need. He has supported our police officers, increased road repair funds, and is implementing solutions to housing and homelessness. He works hard on behalf of all Concord  residents.

Laura Nakamura shares Tim McGallian’s concern for those in need, but unfortunately she has also been an outspoken advocate for the Defund Concord Police movement.

While our city council was voting unanimously for needed police financial support and equipment, Laura was speaking out in opposition. Her frequent comments at city council meetings against funds and equipment for our understaffed police department are a matter of public record.

— Mike McDermott, Concord

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