It’s (still) fire season. Are you prepared? Go-bag packed?

It’s (still) fire season. Are you prepared? Go-bag packed?
CCCFPD fire fighters battle a grass fire in Bay Point in July. (Photo courtesy CCCFPD)

From the Desk of Karen MitchoffCONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (August 20, 2022) — As we continue to experience extremely dry conditions coupled with wildfires starting earlier every year, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District (ConFire) recommends that property owners create defensible space around their structures.

This can be done by removing dead, dry vegetation from roofs, gutters and decks, cutting back trees and limbs to at least 10 feet away from structures, and keeping grass, weeds or brush regularly cut and clear within 30-100 feet of structures.

Moving indoors, make sure all smoke alarms have fresh batteries and regularly check that they are in good working order.

If you live in a zone at risk for wildfires, it is essential that you pack a go-bag with everything you need in the case of an evacuation. If you have pets, keep kennels or crates close and pack their food and medications. Consider collecting sentimental items and important documents in an accessible location for quick access in the event of an evacuation. Backing your car into the driveway will expedite the loading of your belongings.

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Quick response

ConFire knows the importance of a quick response and access to fire protection measures. I am pleased to share that Station 4, located at 700 Hawthorne Dr. in Walnut Creek, is reopening soon. The district closed multiple stations during the Great Recession as officials worked to sustain services amid budget deficits.

ConFire has been working to reopen this station and improve the status of the district as a whole. This includes paying off pension obligation bonds, ordering new fire engines that take up to 15 months for delivery, graduating two academies and bringing the building at Station 4 back up to speed with a roof replacement, sewage line repairs, interior updates and exterior cleanup.

ConFire officials continue to show their commitment to the public’s safety, as illustrated by reopening Station 4 and the recent annexation of East County Fire into the district. Both of these changes allow ConFire to better serve each of our communities through the proactive distribution of fire resources.

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