Is On the Bit Arabian horse farm your happy place?

Is On the Bit Arabian horse farm your happy place?

Is On the Bit Arabian horse farm your happy place?
Liana and Daniel Costa on Emma and Dotz opened On the Bit Arabians on Morgan Territory in spring of 2022. The facility at the foot of Mt. Diablo offers lessons for beginners as well as advanced training for the show horse.

CLAYTON, CA (May 18, 2023) — When Daniel Costa was just 16 years old, he knew exactly what he would be doing at 35. And he’s doing it … in the company of his wife Liana and their 18 Arabian horses.

The couple owns and operates On the Bit Arabian Horses, a boutique training facility on Morgan Territory Road. Along with head trainer Leigha Perry, the Costas offer lessons, training, access to trails and plenty of encouragement to the novice as well as the more experienced rider headed for the winner’s circle.

In equestrian terminology, when a horse is “on the bit” he is relaxed, focused and carrying the bit comfortably in his mouth. This is the happy place for every horse and rider, and the goal of good horsemanship.

At On the Bit training specializes in the showy, exciting high-stepping English saddle seat style in addition to hunter pleasure and ranch riding. The farm offers family-oriented fun on one of their carefully chosen Arabians or Half-Arabians in their immaculate barns at the foot of Mt. Diablo’s North Peak. Head trainer Perry teaches basic horsemanship including the care and maintenance of the mount. Once the basics are down, the possibilities are many, from local and regional competitions to leasing and ownership, all under the expert guidance of Perry and the Costas.

Daniel Costa’s love affair with horses began in the third grade with a visit to an Arabian horse farm in Moraga. He pestered his parents until they agreed to a riding lesson. One lesson led to more lessons, and for the next 10 years he was a fixture at either the stables in Moraga or at Castle Rock Arabians in Walnut Creek with well-known trainer Nancy DuPont.

By his mid-twenties, Costa was financially solid enough to begin building his own stable. Daniel and Liana were dating when he acquired his first Arabian.

When Daniel told her he wanted to go down to San Marcos (Calif.) to look at a horse named Mikey, Liana said, “I didn’t know horses, but I do know puppies. And I’ve never gone to look at a puppy that I didn’t bring home.”
Although new to the horse world, Liana knew if she wanted a life with Daniel,horses would be part of the deal.

“I knew I had to get with the program or get off the train,” she laughed. She signed up for lessons and quickly became an accomplished rider. Not long after, the two eloped to Reno and the partnership was born.

Last year, they moved into their beautiful facility at 3141Morgan Territory Rd. They currently have 18 horses in their barn with capacity for 39.

On the Bit is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Daniel and Liane cordially invite you to visit. Whether you have yet to snuggle a velvety muzzle or are ready to move to the next level in your training, you will find a warm welcome.

For more information, visit, email or call (925) 515-1009.