Is Concord really the happiest city in the U.S?

Is Concord really the happiest city in the U.S?
According to the research, Concord, CA, is America’s happiest city, with a happiness score of 79.14 out of 100.

CONCORD, CA (August 19, 2022) — recently analyzed Instagram selfies across the U.S. and it turns out Concord, CA, is the most smiling city in the country.

The report concluded: “On a citywide scale, Concord [boasts] both the highest average happiness rating and most intense smiles. The hometown of Tom Hanks is said to be a quiet and pleasant place to live: moderately wealthy, moderately liberal, and more affordable than similar cities nearby.”

The Pioneer would like to see if that checks out. Concord residents, let us know how living in Concord makes you smile. Send us a sentence or 2 describing fond memories, activities, favorite food or whatever makes you smile in Concord.

And, if you like, include a photo of your smile. We will post the results along with the best Concord smile photos on our website.

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