Investing in tomorrow's water

Investing in tomorrow’s water — Contra Costa Water District’s ongoing efforts

Investing in tomorrow's water
Regular maintenance on CCWD’s distribution system keeps water flowing smoothly to your homes and businesses. (Photos courtesy Contra Costa Water District)
CCWD lab staff tests water samples 43,000 times per year, upholding the highest quality standards for the water flowing to your taps.

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (Mar. 17, 2024) — Throughout Clayton and Central Contra Costa County, the typical household uses 230 gallons of water daily. But we rarely pause to consider the journey of water from its source to our tap, or the significant effort it takes to make this journey possible.

Contra Costa Water District is committed to providing high-quality water around the clock. It’s a necessary and vital community resource, supporting our health, our businesses, and our safety. With a vast network of pipes, pumps, and reservoirs under their care, CCWD’s team works diligently to treat and deliver water, keep our infrastructure in top shape, and meet our community’s needs.

All these efforts come at a cost of about $3 per day for each household. That bill covers more than just the water coming out of the tap; we are also investing in ongoing improvements in the system and the professionals who ensure our water is reliable today and tomorrow.

Looking ahead, CCWD doesn’t just focus on maintaining the status quo. They’re proactively upgrading and adopting innovative strategies to prepare for future water needs. The funds from our water bills are crucial for these improvements, helping ensure a sustainable and reliable water supply for coming generations.

Commitment to quality and reliability

As we go about our daily routines, doing the laundry or enjoying a local restaurant, the water we use is a testament to CCWD’s commitment to quality and reliability. This effort ensures that we never have to worry about our water supply.

CCWD invites you to reflect on the essential role water plays in your life and join the conversation about its significance. By sharing your water-related experiences with the hashtag #MadeWithCCWD, you celebrate the indispensable role of water in enriching our lives. Discover more about CCWD’s work and impact on the community at