How a pre-listing inspection can make your life simpler

How a pre-listing inspection can make your life simpler
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Scott Denslow Ask The Expert
Scott Denslow owns Safe at Home Inspection Services.

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY—This season I’m thankful for life simplified…

As I drive around Clayton and Concord, I’m noticing more houses on the market than usual for this time of year.  In talking with realtors and clients it seems to be a mixed bag of reasons for the increase in listings, but no matter your reason for moving on, I hope you will find the following advice helpful:

As a home inspector, one of our more popular services is a “pre-listing” inspection.  This service is initiated by the seller before putting the property on the market.  This can be helpful for a number of reasons.

  1. It gives you an understanding of any major issues and peace of mind that you won’t encounter surprises during escrow.

2. Providing a clean home inspection report along with disclosures shows prospective buyers that you’ve done your homework and thus they may look to waive the inspection contingency and speed up the escrow process.

3. Statistics show that homes with pre-inspection reports sell quicker and often with less negotiations needed.

With all going on during this time of year, trust me… you’ll be thankful to have your transaction move through the process with ease.

Scott Denslow is the owner of Safe at Home Inspection Service.  He is an InterNACHI and ASHI certified inspector who has 47 five-star ratings on Yelp.  Send your home inspection questions or topics you want to see covered to   For more information visit