Tamara Steiner

Here we go again, backwards…

Tamara SteinerCONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA — In March 2020, it happened. COVID-19 grabbed our health, our culture and our economy. For more than a year we’ve lived life behind masks and screens—in seclusion hiding from an invisible little virus that declared war on the world, killing our mothers, fathers, friends, co-workers, lovers and now, our children.

We have a common enemy, people. And it demands a common response.

Unless we live in isolation on a desert island, we all benefit from living in a community. We may not always like our community, but we share its benefits. And we have a communal obligation to step up and do our part when our community is under attack—think Pearl Harbor, 9/11.

We are under attack now. COVID-19 and its Delta variant fight dirty. Our planes, guns and bombs are useless against it. Our only defense is science and a willing defender. We have the science, but not enough willing defenders.

We were making headway against the enemy. After more than a year of lockdown that brought our economy to its knees, Pfizer, Moderna and J&J brought us hope that we could win the war. Millions of defenders brought willing arms, sleeves rolled up to take the needle.

Infections dropped, we went from purple to orange and things began to open up. But while we were waiting for the back up troops to arrive, ‘rona mutated and here we are again. Masked up and in retreat.

Fighting an attack on your community is not just a “personal choice.” It’s the moral response to an invasion by a common enemy.

Step up defenders. Roll up your sleeves, bare your arms and take the needle. We’re waiting for you.

For information on getting your free COVID-19 vaccination in Contra Costa County, click here.