Hear in Color lovingly ­creates ethereal music video

Hear in Color lovingly ­creates ethereal music video

Hear in Color lovingly ­creates ethereal music video
Hear in Color vocalist Faith Donithan poses on a hill in Port Costa, one of several shooting locations for their music video “Tell Me (Something New).”

Dave Hughes The Beat of Diablo bannerCONCORD, CA (Dec. 8, 2022) — There was a time when releasing new music demanded a well-produced accompanying video. And for many local artists today, that’s still the case.

Some prefer the DIY approach of capturing videos on their phones, splicing them into something watchable, synchronizing to music and uploading to YouTube. Others go to great lengths to bring as much artistic care to the visual elements as they do to their music.

Take, for example, the music video for “Tell Me (Something New)” by Concord-based band Hear in Color. The band collaborated with Bay Area freelance filmmaker Tony Holman for the project, and it’s clear from watching this video that professionals were involved.

“I feel like we were successfully able to create a dream-like atmosphere without going over the top and in your face with it,” Holman says.

That dreamy feel is what the band had hoped for to complement their song. “We wanted the video to be more of an aesthetic journey rather than following the lyrics word for word,” notes band member Isaiah Selva.

Shot over 2½ days in Concord, Walnut Creek and Port Costa, the video is a beautiful visual piece that mirrors the moody energy of the shoegaze song. In fact, it’s so well done that it won Best Cinematography in the Bright Ideas Film Festival at the Orinda Theatre in 2021.

As the video’s director and editor, Holman is quick to point out that production teams like his aren’t essential for making stunning music videos these days.

“I definitely think you can create high-caliber work with cell phones and free software,” says Holman, who primarily produces documentary work. “With music videos, you are able to get more creative and experiment with more unconventional cameras compared to when working on most narrative films.”

Hear in Color is eager to get to work on their next music video, and the group is hoping to put just as much time and care into it as their last one. For that reason, the band has launched a GoFundMe, which can be found at linktr.ee/hearincolor.

“Tell Me (Something New)” is just one of many East Bay music videos released in the last couple years. A YouTube playlist of more than 60 recent local music videos can be found at ConcordRockCity.com by clicking on “Music Videos.”

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Dave Hughes
Dave Hughes

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