GSA takes Coast Guard property to public auction

GSA takes Coast Guard property to public auction

GSA takes Coast Guard property to public auction
The GSA hopes to get at least $15 million for the old Coast Guard property adjacent to the CNWS. The city once hoped to buy the property but was unable to reach agreement on market price with the government. (Tamara Steiner photo)

CONCORD, CA—The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) started an online public sale of the Concord Villages housing on Oct. 15.

GSA decided to proceed with a public auction after a thorough review of available options and authorities. The auction is on, and each bidder is required to submit a bid registration of $500,000. The minimum opening bid is $15 million.

The Concord Villages is about a 60-acre property used by the Coast Guard since 2007 for housing. It consists of two villages of 280 housing units: Quinault Village, 40 duplex buildings constructed in 1965, and Victory Village, 42 apartment-style buildings constructed in 1989.

The property is adjacent to the former Concord Naval Weapons Station and was transferred to the Coast Guard in 2007.

Serving as the U.S. Coast Guard’s real estate agent for the sale of the property, GSA continues to dispose of underutilized federal property to more efficiently utilize real estate assets, save taxpayer dollars and create economic development opportunities in local communities.

“This is another example of GSA’s ability to provide a federal client with a real property disposal strategy to support an agency’s mission requirements,” said Tom Scott, GSA regional administrator. “By serving as the real estate agent for the Coast Guard, we are disposing of this property to reduce the federal footprint, create valuable savings for the government and help stimulate economic development opportunities in the East Bay.”

Capt. Jose Pena of Coast Guard Base Alameda said working with GSA is a great example of the Coast Guard’s commitment to the American public.

“GSA’s expertise is allowing the Coast Guard to repurpose underutilized properties to better serve the local community. It will also help us focus our resources to our day-to-day missions of keeping our ports and waters safe.”