Greenbelts, swim team add to Dana Hills’ charm

One huge highlight for Dana Hills is the pool and swim team, shown here from 2019. (Photo courtesy Dana Hills Swim Team)

CLAYTON, CA (June 24, 2022) — The Dana Hills neighborhood is a distinctive part of Clayton.

Built in the 1970s by architect and builder Rahlves, it was in an unincorporated part of the town. In the mid-’70s, residents decided it would be an advantage to be annexed into Clayton.

When I learn about a neighborhood, I like to get the opinions of residents. I will say that the majority of the comments were positive. In fact, I had to push to get any negative comments or anything that needed improvement.

Most of the negatives were things residents can’t change, such as the distance from the freeway system and lack of public transportation. Of course, this is true for all of Clayton.

More than one person commented that as they are getting older and have walkers, etc., they have noticed that the sidewalks are settling and rolling. Some were hoping that the homeowner’s association would police the residents to keep up their yards, though, it wasn’t a huge issue.

The beautiful green belts are the biggest plus that almost everyone mentioned. People love to walk, ride bikes and hike to the entrance to Mt. Diablos, enjoying the weather and the views of the hills. The greenbelts are unique to Dana Hills, for sure.

Residents also noted they appreciate the outgoing neighbors and lifelong friends they have made. One widow well in her 90s said she doesn’t feel isolated for a minute because neighbors check on her and include her all day long.

People also commented about the wide streets, large yards and the fact that the houses aren’t too close together. Some said that they couldn’t possibly replace the stunning views from their yards.

They love raising their kids there and rave about the schools.

Swim team

Another huge highlight for Dana Hills is the pool and swim team. The Dana Hills Swim Team is a recreational and competitive program designed to provide swimmers of all levels the opportunity to learn stroke technique under the age group format and to apply what they learned in competitive situations. At the same time, the team strives to provide a fun, social environment where children and their parents can enjoy the sport of swimming on a competitive level and where families can interact to promote a sense of community that endures beyond the swim season.

The Dana Hills Swim Team formed in 1977 as the Aquaducks. The inaugural swim team consisted of 50 or so swimmers who practiced in a four-lane, 17-yard pool. The team has grown to become the premier recreational swim team in the Clayton/Concord community.

During the 1986 season, the team sought a name change to convey a more competitive spirit. The initial vote ended in a dead heat, with Otters tying with Sea Slugs. Eventually, the Otters prevailed.

As the team roster swelled to more than 100 swimmers by the end of the 1989 season, a decision was made to build a new pool for the 1990 season.

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