Give where you live – and support Concord businesses

CONCORD, CA (Nov. 14, 2023) — It is said all the time but worth repeating: Shop local.

What does that mean to you and what are the results for the community?

For me, shopping locally means sometimes I must go out of my way, possibly park a block away, plan a little. Shop local also means less waste, usually better quality, interaction with other humans and the satisfaction of knowing my money stays in my community and allows people to pursue their passion while supporting themselves.

We all experience the convenience of getting everything we need delivered right to our doorstep, and I, like you, believe that is great for saving time and sometimes money. In many cases, it gives us access to certain products that we otherwise may have to wait weeks to receive or even find.

Now I am by no means a stat guy or someone who is going to quote percentages of how much money goes into the local economy when you buy local. I’m also not going to provide data suggesting that all the trash and pollution created by door-to-door delivery is killing our planet and local businesses. But what I can tell you is that shopping locally is a good thing.

Grant money

Over the past few years, the Concord Chamber has had the honor of assisting the city of Concord in distributing more than $1.5 million in federal, state and local grant money. All the businesses that received the grant money were owned and operated locally. They were print shops, construction companies, restaurants, salons, retail shops, bookstores, furniture stores, toy stores, house cleaners, day care centers, auto shops … the list goes on and on.

These businesses are the backbone of the community, run by hardworking Concordian’s who continue to survive and thrive year after year. They stay afloat because the community chooses to shop locally and support its neighbors, even if it means taking a few extra steps.

For small businesses, the competition is fierce – locally, regionally and even globally. The key to success lies in providing exceptional customer service and fair pricing while creating an environment that people genuinely enjoy while spending their money.

Supporting these local businesses is not just about buying products; it is about investing in the heart and soul of your community.

So, as you make your purchases this holiday season and into the future, consider the impact of your choices. Shopping locally is not just a catchy phrase; it’s a call to action to fortify your community and ensure its prosperity for years to come.

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