Get registered, get ready and vote

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (Oct. 30, 2023) — As a lifelong public servant, I have a deep appreciation for our election process.

As a Concord police officer, the City Council decided our budget. As a member of the Pleasant Hill City Council, and now a member of the Board of Supervisors, the public’s belief in my ability to govern is a responsibility I take seriously.

With every election comes opportunities that have direct impacts on everyone in our community and nation. Every single vote is counted and matters. Last year, some local races were so close that the winner was decided by less than 10 votes.

Voting expresses our beliefs and fulfills our constitutional duty. The Contra Costa Election Division has made several efforts to raise awareness about registering and maintaining updated voter information. Election Division staff have visited several high schools and the Contra Costa Community College District to make registration and pre-registration available onsite, hoping to energize the next generation of voters.

I remember voting in my first election in 1980 and the importance of making time to vote. Today, voting has evolved to be more convenient. Contra Costa County is a vote-by-mail county, which means you’ll receive your presidential primary ballot in February for the March 5, 2024, election.

These ballots can be returned in several ways – by postal mail (postage is paid), dropped at a permanent ballot drop box, or by returning it to an in-person voting center or the Clerk-Recorders-Elections’ office in Martinez. If you still prefer to vote in-person, that option is also available on election day.

If you moved recently or aren’t already registered to vote, you can visit for information. If you are a returning voter, whether you voted in the last election or not, you can use the “my voting information” tool to find your current precinct and other voting information.

For the upcoming presidential primary, the presidential candidates who appear on your ballot will only be those within the party for which you are registered. If you declared “no party preference” and would like to participate in a specific party’s primary, please contact the Election Division. Otherwise, you will receive a primary ballot with no presidential candidates listed.

If you have additional questions, visit the Election Division’s website at or call 925-335-7800.

Ken Carlson is Contra Costa County District IV supervisor. Email questions or comments to Carlson at or call his office at 925-655-2350.