Evaluate your home’s ability to weather the atmospheric rivers

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (Mar. 18, 2023) — I have talked to so many folks who have lived here 30, 40, even 50 years – and all I hear is how these rains are downright historic.

It’s a wonderful time to get up on the mountain and hike, bike … heck, we even saw some cross-country skiers biking up recently. It’s also a terrific opportunity to see how our homes hold up to some historic weather.

Start by checking for leaks. First, turn off all the water in the home. This includes faucets, toilets, the dishwasher and washing machine. Then check your meter immediately. Wait about two hours and check again. If the meter reading is higher, you have a leak. Check faucets for drips and for leaks under all sinks. Finally, check your roof for broken or missing shingles. If you can’t find the leak, you may want to consider an inspection.

This is also a great opportunity to clean your gutters and downspouts. Once the rains end, check your gutters for debris. These winds have also been a bit historic. Check connections from gutters and downspouts and ensure that there is proper water flow. Also consider stone or plastic leaders to draw drain water away from the home.

Finally, don’t forget to check those smoke and CO2 alarms.

Let’s all celebrate the rains, as they should help with potential wildfires and will produce a lovely wildflower season. They also provide us all with such a unique opportunity to truly see how our homes can stand up against the elements.

Scott Denslow is the owner of Safe at Home Inspection Service. He is an InterNACHI and ASHI certified inspector who has 73+ five-star ratings on Yelp. ­Contact him at scott@safeat­homellc.com. For more info visit www.safeathomellc.com.