Jennifer Stojanovich

Empowering your home — The rise of solar amidst PG&E rate hikes

Jennifer StojanovichCONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (Mar. 25, 2024) — In the midst of escalating energy costs, I have received numerous calls from clients who are contemplating the switch to solar power for their homes. Many of them are curious about the impact of solar installations on the resale value of their properties. Questions about whether potential buyers value homes with solar systems or if they might resist taking over a solar lease instead of making a purchase have become common concerns.

This growing interest highlights the changing landscape of homeownership and the increasing importance placed on sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions. Below, we will delve into the advantages of adopting solar power, including its positive effects on both financial savings and home resale value, while also addressing the considerations that arise when opting for a solar lease versus a purchase.

Studies have shown that homes equipped with solar panels not only appeal to environmentally conscious buyers but also command a higher market value. The prospect of lower energy bills and the potential for energy independence can be enticing selling points, positioning a solar-powered home as an attractive investment.

However, for those considering the leap into solar territory, the choice between buying and leasing can be a pivotal decision. Some homeowners prefer the outright ownership of their solar panels, reaping the long-term benefits and potential tax incentives that come with it. On the other hand, leasing offers a more affordable entry point, allowing homeowners to enjoy the advantages of solar power without the upfront costs.

Communicate transparently

When it comes to selling a home with a solar lease, it’s crucial to communicate transparently with potential buyers. While some may see the advantages of a pre-installed solar system, others may be hesitant to take on the responsibility of a lease agreement. Educating prospective buyers on the potential cost savings and environmental benefits can help alleviate concerns and make your solar-equipped home more appealing in the market.

The shift towards solar power is not just a response to soaring energy costs but a strategic investment in the future. Whether homeowners choose to own their solar panels or opt for a lease, the decision can have a lasting impact on both finances and the resale value of their homes. As our community embraces sustainable solutions, solar energy stands out as a symbol of progress in the quest for a greener and more cost-effective future.

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