Late night vote totals in Concord, Clayton and Pleasant Hill

Election night vote totals in Concord, Clayton and Pleasant Hill

Late night vote totals in Concord, Clayton and Pleasant Hill
Volunteers working in team of two remove ballots from their signed envelopes on Friday. Nov. 4 after the envelopes underwent a thorough multi-step scanning and screening process. About 150,000 ballots alone were expected to be handled on this day. These ballots were then boxed for tabulating at the Contra Costa County Election Office headquarters. The number of ballots arriving ahead of Election Day was less than predicted. (David Scholz photo)

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (Nov. 9, 2022) —Votes are still being counted in Contra Costa County. However, the late night vote totals give a glimpse into the trends.

The totals presented here were received just after midnight on Tuesday. The numbers shown are by no means final.  The votes counted here come from those received by Nov. 7 and in-person votes cast Nov. 8. The county will continue to update the totals and plans to post updates each Friday by 5 p.m. until all votes are counted and certified.

The final results will become official on Dec. 2, when they are certified. Here are the results from last night’s count in Concord, Clayton and Pleasant Hill.

Contra Costa County Supervisor

  • Ken Carlson 26,110
  • Debora Allen 22,088

County Clerk-Recorder

  • Kristin Braun Connelly 100,938
  • Vicki Gordon 87,567

Clayton City Council

  • Jeff Wan 1,825
  • Kim Trupiano 1,440
  • Bridget Billeter 1,331
  • Ed Miller 1,305

Concord City Treasurer

  • Patti Barotti 15,226
  • D’Marco Anthony 4,076

Concord City Council District 1

  • Laura Hoffmeister 2,290
  • Robert Ring 1,657
  • Quinne Anderson 1,034

Concord City Council District 3

  • Dominic Aliano (unopposed) 1,298

Concord City Council District 5

  • Laura Nakamura 2,968
  • Tim McGallian 2,389

Pleasant Hill Treasurer

  • Andrew Kalinowski (unopposed) 6,048

Pleasant Hill City Council

  • Sue Noack 4,085
  • Zac Shess 3,525
  • Zhanna Thompson 2,300
  • Bill Bankert 2,034
  • Andrei Obolenskiy 686