East County Fire moves to phase two of consolidation study

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY — We have completed the first phase of the feasibility study to evaluate our consolidation with the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, and the board of directors approved continuing with the study into phase two.

We hope to have an update available sometime in April and expect the full study to be completed in July of 2021.

At that point, the board will have the opportunity to review the study and decide if consolidation will be the path forward that we have been seeking for many years to increase service availability for our communities.

While we continue to evaluate consolidation, I am happy to report that we have the cities of Brentwood and Oakley and the county areas to approve our updated impact fees. These fees are collected during the construction process and are used for construction and equipment for the infrastructure needed to meet the demands projected over the next 20 years.

I would like to conclude with congratulating the Morgan Territory CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) for the first official action as a team with their assistance at the East Contra Costa County Vaccination Clinic held in Brentwood. Their dedication and willingness to give back to their community should be recognized and celebrated as this team has been trying to get off the ground during the COVID lockdowns.

As always, please be safe, be aware and keep up to date on the district’s activities through our website, social media or attending one of our fire board’s monthly meetings.

For more information, please visit the Fire Prevention link at www.eccfpd.org.