East Contra Costa Fire Chief discusses ‘toughest decision in his 20-year career’

East Contra Costa Fire Chief discusses toughest decision in his 20-year careerCONTRA COSTA COUNTY — Nationally recognized Fire House Magazine came to Contra Costa to discuss challenges that our fire district faces with Chief Helmick.

The magazine’s Peter Matthews talked with East Contra Costa, CA, Fire Protection District Fire Chief Brian Helmick recently. On the podcast, the two discussed the new policy of limited interior fire attacks at structure fires. Firefighters will no longer enter burning buildings to extinguish a fire unless lives are at risk under the policy. Helmick called it the toughest decision in his 20-plus year career. He stated that the district’s funding model only allows for three engines to over 250 square miles. It also creates long response times. This policy has not changed since the 1970s. Find out what led to the decision and how Helmick is working to improve the district’s budget and future plans.

Check out this great interview to understand the realities we face in East Contra Costa: Click here to listen the interview of Fire Chief Helmick on the Firehouse magazine podcast.