East Bay students walk out, join global climate strike

East Bay students walk out, join global climate strike

“Our generation is the generation of resistance. For those people in our government who think that the facts are wrong…and think that we will stop, I have something to say to them: we will not stop fighting. The oceans are rising and so are we.” —College Park student at Friday’s climate strike.

Students from College Park High School in Pleasant Hill, CA, walked out of class today to join the global climate strike. Millions of young people around the world marched, chanted and gave speeches, calling for governments to act quickly to prevent what many see as an impending disaster.

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The climate strike has drawn hundreds of thousands to gather in cities across the country and around the world. In Pleasant Hill, a group of College Park students marched down Contra Costa Boulevard to join a group of adults near City Hall. Students gave speeches to the cheers of their classmates

One student proclaimed, “It is the adults who are truant on climate change.”

Another said climate change “is already happening and … elected officials refuse to do anything about [it].”

More protests are planned for Saturday, 9/21, at Civic Park in Walnut Creek at 1:00 p.m.

The Clayton Valley Recycling Club is planning a civil protest rally during an extended lunch period at Clayton Valley Charter High School on Sept. 27 in support of the global climate strike.

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