Ditching resolutions for cheers to our staff, relationships and no more diets

CONCORD, CA (Jan. 26, 2024) — I am going to be honest with myself this year and not resolve to do anything.

For 15 years, my dear friend Fran Pecho and I vowed to work out and eat better – saying this would be the year we got back into shape. But by the end of February or early March, we were cracking up at how quickly we fell off the wagon.

This year, I will appreciate what is in front of me and look to grow relationships and strengthen Concord’s business community.

In my line of work, you rely on a ton of moving parts and the generosity of others. Our staff spends countless hours keeping our members engaged and informed about the ongoings of Concord business and finding creative ways to stay relevant. I appreciate our staff at the chamber and am impressed daily by what this team can accomplish.

Our board of directors consists of intelligent business community leaders who are successful in their own professions and still find the time to volunteer countless hours every month to keep the chamber on task and aligned with the mission. We always appreciate and respect their guidance and input.

The chamber has more than 25 volunteer ambassadors who breathe the chamber way. They understand how just giving one to three hours per month can improve your business. Some of our ambassadors have been with the chamber for 20+ years and some one month, but we appreciate all for being the backbone of this nonprofit organization. Amazing.

To our 460+ members, we appreciate you for your financial contributions to the chamber but most importantly the recognition you give all of us that you value what we do. We hope you remain proud members of this organization. Without the support of the businesses, we would not be able to serve the business community and help it grow.

I hope Fran gives it her best this year. I will miss cracking up with her about how sore and hungry we are for the first few months of the year, then laughing when we fall back into our old routines. But I will appreciate it.

Businesses and organizations interested in learning more about the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce can connect via phone at 925-685-1181, see www.concordchamber.com or visit the office at 2280 Diamond Blvd., Suite 200, in Concord.

Kevin Cabral