Contra Costa has vaccinated 93K+ residents, now prioritizing 75 and older

Contra Costa administers 1 million COVID vaccines ahead of schedule

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (4/26/2021) — In a historic show of care for themselves and their neighbors, residents of Contra Costa County rolled up their sleeves one million times well ahead of the expected date of July 4 and even a month before the revised goal of Memorial Day.

On April 24, Contra Costa Health Services reported that 1,010,267 COVID-19 vaccines had been administered in Contra Costa County, including those performed by CCHS, local hospitals, pharmacies and other community healthcare providers.

Most importantly, nearly 630,000 of Contra Costa residents are now at least partially vaccinated – 67.8 percent of the county’s 16-and-older population – and nearly 430,000 were fully vaccinated, or 46.4 percent.

“This is absolutely a testament to our community’s ability to come together during a crisis to protect their loved ones and reduce the spread of a dangerous virus,” said Diane Burgis, chair of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors. “I would like to thank every resident who has done their part, and encourage us all to make a healthy choice and get vaccinated.”

Fourth of July goal

In January, CCHS Director Anna Roth announced the countywide goal of 1 million vaccines administered by July 4 of this year. At the time COVID-19 vaccine was in scarce supply, and eligibility limited to healthcare workers and county residents at the highest risk of serious illness or death from an infection.

The goal was later updated to 1 million doses by Memorial Day (May 31) due to the rapid growth of vaccination opportunities in the county, from CCHS’ network of public clinics to the work of large healthcare providers vaccinating their own members, to small community clinics and pharmacies working together to ensure access to vaccine in every neighborhood.

Contra Costa health providers currently have the capacity to deliver about 90,000 doses per week, and ample supply of vaccine from the state and federal governments has allowed the county to rapidly immunize about two-thirds of eligible residents.

Not over yet

“I am grateful for the tireless efforts of healthcare and emergency workers across the county. The partnership between our team at CCHS and our community partners makes the county safer from COVID-19,” Roth said. “The pandemic is not over yet, but we are much closer to stopping the virus because of their efforts.”

Anyone 16 or older who lives or works in Contra Costa can get a safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine at no cost to them by scheduling an easy online appointment at or calling 1-833-829-2626.

CCHS also offers vaccine clinics that do not require appointments – learn more at our Walk-In Vaccinations page – and a new mobile vaccination service for residents who are homebound.