Considering the impact of local government on a global stage

CONCORD, CA (Nov. 22, 2023) — The world is a dangerous place and contains actions by people, groups, regions, countries and cultures that can make you ashamed of sharing membership in the human race.

Such a scope of inhumanity exists that it can make you wonder what humanity even means.

We as individuals have the right, and some might say the responsibility, to speak out, though a shaking of the head (SMK in net speech) in silence is overwhelmingly commonplace.

But then what is the place of, say, a Central Sanitation Board or a City Council? And when and what should guide such groups to jump into international inhumanity in all its vile forms?

As I write this, folks in western China are being rounded up and forcibly “re-educated.” Women are sent to wedding night beds not by their own arrangement. Others are denied basic education, and some slaughtered because of lack of some belief.

Wars are going on for years, with missiles hitting cities such as Kiev and Moscow. Still, they have not been mentioned in local agendas.

There is a good reason for it, in that the mission statements and charters of elected districts and city councils do not point outward but inward. We have institutions that are pointed outward to the world’s shattered stage, but it is not these chambers.

If they are to start a running commentary on the gross behavior beyond their simple municipal borders, what criterion would be used and what time would be left to do anything else but have an uproar over and over again?

It is one thing to have a little fun, like one city in Contra Costa did by banning alien space weapons. It is another to take up the admonition of those outside our national borders and enter the area that clearly exposes a bias to attack one situation and not others.

About the only area on the international stage that such low-level government entities might get involved with is in regard to financial holdings, for example, owning Turkish government bonds but not oil company funds.

Other than that, local governments need to concentrate on making their road pathways safe and functioning – and not the collapse of humanity on the other side of the world.

The views expressed are those of and not the position of any local or otherwise group or government foreign or domestic or intergalactic, though I would point out that you cannot spell Jedi without edi.