Concord's Ninja Warrior Sean Bryan headed to Vegas ANW finals

Concord’s Ninja Warrior Sean Bryan headed to Vegas ANW finals

Sean Bryan, of Concord, CA, hangs on during the semifinal competition of American Ninja Warrior season 14. (Photo from Sean Bryan’s Instagram)

CONCORD, CA (July 26, 2022) — The TV show American Ninja Warrior’s 14th season has equal numbers of veteran contestants and young newcomers. One of the athletic obstacle course show’s veterans is Sean Bryan of Concord.

Bryan competed in the semifinal round during this week’s episode 7. The episode showed Bryan’s training partner, Adam Rayl, lose his grip and fall just before Bryan’s turn on the course.

The 37-year-old first competed during season 8 of ANW. The show features athletes from across the country who must face an array of obstacles testing balance, strength, endurance and speed.

Bryan made a strong showing in this year’s qualifying rounds which aired last month. On Monday he returned for the semi-finals. One of the evening’s challenges had competitors hanging from a series of suspended cubes of different sizes and flinging themselves from one to the next over a pool of water. Bryan’s speed over the course could have gotten him into one of the coveted fastest 2 spots for the night, but as he swung himself to the final cube, he couldn’t hold on and fell into the pool.

Sean Bryan photo courtesy NBC TV.

Luckily, his fast time meant that he still qualified to move on to the finals competition. Season 14 finals will broadcast from Las Vegas in August.

Sean Bryan grew up in New Jersey but has lived in Concord, CA, for many years. He competed for three years on the Men’s Gymnastics program at Cal Berkeley from 2006 to 2008. He trains in and is co-founder of Traverse Fitness in Richmond, CA. Traverse, one of the largest facilities of its kind in the country, teaches ninja/parkour skills to children and adults.

You can stream the NBC show on Peacock+, Hulu and other services. For more about American Ninja Warrior, click here.