Concord's Alpine fills a sweet spot in troubled times

Concord’s Alpine fills a sweet spot in troubled times

Concord's Alpine fills a sweet spot in troubled times
Glenda Gonzales is ready to serve customers at Alpine Pastry & Cakes in Concord.

Many people are facing an isolated Easter Sunday – with virtual church services the only option and perhaps no family members to gather.

However, Concord and Clayton residents can still make the day festive with baked treats from Alpine Pastry & Cakes, from traditional hot cross buns to cupcakes decorated like “little duckies” and Easter baskets.

But, you’d better shop early. The Concord bakery will be closed on Easter Sunday.

“We’ve always been open, but we’re just not sure if people were going to come on Sunday,” said Gabriela Freitag, who owns the bakery with her husband Ernst. “So we decided to just give all our staff the day off – the few that are working.”

Still busy

Since the shelter in place order, Alpine has shortened its hours to 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. Freitag says the shop is extremely busy when they open, and a line can form outside as only a few customers are allowed in at a time.

Freitag sounds overwhelmed as she tries to list all the adjustments they’ve made in the last month. The first two weeks were especially challenging, as they had to toss inventory that was spoiling and had difficulty obtaining supplies like eggs and cream.

There have also been changes at home for the Freitags – with their daughter back from Cal Poly, taking online classes until fall, and their son moving home from Oakland temporarily.

“I’m really happy that they’re home. It makes me feel good. But man, it was a change,” she says with a laugh.

Smaller cakes

Back at the bakery, they now offer fresh bread and rolls, because many grocery stores have had limited quantities. And while they have stopped making cakes intended for large gatherings, they are still selling smaller cakes and a wide array of single-serving sweets.

“You know, birthdays still go on,” Freitag noted. “And a lot of people are coming just for desserts. A little dessert soothes the soul.”

Alpine Pastry & Cakes is at 1848 Willow Pass Road, Concord. Place an order to pick up at 925-689- 7220. For a full list of items for sale, visit