Concord movie theaters to reopen this week

Concord movie theaters to reopen this weekCONCORD, CA —Remember what it was like to watch a movie from somewhere that wasn’t your own couch or bed? For most of us it’s been a while, but Concord theaters are now dusting off their reclining seats and preparing to reopen.

Movie theaters here have remained closed during the pandemic except for a brief period last fall when COVID case counts fell and some opened their doors, only to close again soon afterward. Now, with Contra Costa returning to the Red Tier, theater doors will open again.

Brenden Concord announced that its first movies since March of 2020 will begin screening this Friday, March 26, although as of this writing the theater’s website had no information about exactly what films will show. Today, workers can be seen entering the theater at 1985 Willow Pass Road, presumably getting the place ready.

The Veranda LUXE,  located in the Veranda Shopping Center at 2035 Diamond Blvd. in Concord, will reopen March 31.

There are no signs of activity at the Veranda LUXE Cinema and IMAX, but you can buy tickets online for their first shows which start next Wednesday, March 31. You can watch Godzilla vs. King Kong battle it out on the big screen as soon as the doors open. Both theaters will reopen with limited seating capacity and COVID-19 safety rules in place.

For more information, visit the Brenden Theatre website or the Veranda LUXE Cinema website.