Concord Couch Concerts launches season 2 Friday, March 5

Concord Couch Concerts launches season 2 Friday, March 5

CONCORD, CA 03/03/2021 —  A grassroots network of Concord musicians known as Concord Couch Concerts (CCC) has been entertaining households since the beginning of Shelter-in-Place.  Almost one year later, the team has returned to launch their second season, this Friday at 8PM on their Facebook and YouTube pages.

The first episode of the year will feature nine different acts, including 2 exclusive music video premieres, one of which is from Bay Area funk project Price Point.  The line-up includes some returning acts – including Concord’s Joey Nuñez, Rachael Kayte, and Carlos Xavier – as well as some brand new local groups; Smoke (Brentwood) and Accidents at Sundown (Martinez).

The once disbanded Concord rock group, The Monument Strange, has reformed just to get in on the Couch Concerts fun.  San Jose artist IRREVRIA, who debuted on CCC last year, is returning as well.  Even funk legend George Clinton is said to have a small cameo!

“We’re pretty excited to keep this thing going,” said CCC Producer Dave Hughes.  “At first we weren’t sure what our future would look like as things started opening back up, but it’s clear to us that the demand is still there for those who really care about supporting local independent music.”

Format change

The format of the show is changing slightly, with most episodes concluding between 9:15PM and 9:30PM.  All foreseeable episodes will continue to stream on the first Friday of each month for the time being.  As COVID-related business restrictions continue to relax, some local businesses have expressed interest in broadcasting the events to their patios.  Perhaps virtual live music will be a part of the transition into the newer “new normal”.

The 2021 season will also include a fundraiser special for the month of Pride (scheduled for June 18th), and various tutorials for local artists called “Concord Couch Classrooms.”  The first of these tutorials titled “Videography for Musicians” is led by CCC Editor Simone Chavoor and is available on their YouTube page.