Concord voter files complaint over Measure V mailer

Concord City Council Votes to Become MCE’s Newest “Deep Green” Partner 

CONCORD, CA (July 25, 2023) — In June, the Concord City Council voted unanimously to opt the City’s facilities into MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable energy service option. With this action, the City is expected to eliminate 2,729 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, equivalent to taking 607 cars off the road.

The City’s accounts currently served by MCE’s 60% renewable Light Green service will be upgraded to 100% renewable Deep Green service, currently powered by 50% wind and 50% solar. MCE invests half of the Deep Green premium collected in local projects and programs that benefit the community, such as rebates for newly purchased and leased EVs, EV charging ports, and electric heat pump water heaters.

“We’re taking bold actions to fight climate change by increasing our commitment to renewable energy,” said Concord Vice Mayor and MCE Board Director Edi Birsan. “This is just one of the ways we are moving to deal with climate change, and we look forward to adding more steps to a better future.”

“Choosing 100% renewable energy for city facilities is an incremental, yet important, step towards care for our common home,” said Concord City Councilmember Laura Nakamura.

“Concord joins 8 other cities in Contra Costa County who are choosing to power their facilities with 100% renewable energy, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and investing millions of dollars toward an equitable clean energy transition,” said MCE CEO, Dawn Weisz. “With MCE’s Deep Green service, everyone in our service area can take tangible steps to confront the climate crisis, and we’re proud that Concord is leading the effort to ‘think globally and act locally’ with their example.”   

The transition to Deep Green Service, which began on July 1, will:

  • Cost only 10% more annually than the City’s current energy bills for its 323 accounts; and  
  • Add to a growing list of the City’s sustainability initiatives including, replacing street light fixtures and traffic signals with energy efficient lighting, receiving SolSmart Gold designation for solar projects, improving bike lane design in the downtown corridor, and installing a stormwater capture system at Hillcrest Park and a bioretention system along Salvio Street. 

To learn about the City of Concord’s Sustainability initiatives, go to For more information about MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable energy option, visit