Concord artists ready to jam virtually on Friday night

Concord artists ready to jam virtually on Friday night

Concord artists ready to jam virtually on Friday night
L-R: Gref Fogg (violinist from My Evergreen Soul); Dave Hughes; Thomas Davis (bass player for Radiokeys, Mountain Vibes festival organizer); Vince Lay (host & Sabertooth Unicorn); Fred Hersom; Joey Nunez (host & member of Swoon; Sabertooth Unicorn); Barbara Gorin (The Breedloves); Brooks Lundy (Stung, the UnOriginals)

If you’re dreading another Friday night alone on the couch, consider joining a virtual concert showcasing 12 Concord-centric performances from the artists’ homes.

“Concord Couch Concerts, Episode 1” will be streamed 8-10 p.m. Friday, May 1, on Facebook. Performances will include members from local groups the Breedloves, Radiokeys, the UnOriginals, Sabertooth Unicorn, Painted Wind and My Evergreen Soul.

“Concord’s incredible music scene is, unfortunately, the city’s best kept secret,” said Concord Couch Concerts founder Dave Hughes. “Most people who live here are familiar with the rich music history and culture of our city but simply aren’t aware of some of the active talent here and the exciting energy around it. There’s an abundance of bands, songwriters, performers and recording artists right here in our backyard.”

Concord Community Foundations fundraiser

Hughes has assembled a team of musicians and volunteer organizers for the concert, which will be a fundraiser for the recently established Concord Community Foundations – a subsidiary of Todos Santos Business Association Arts Foundation. Visit Concord is co-hosting the event.

“Shelter in place affords us a unique opportunity to showcase that talent and to bring everything to the audience, in their homes all across Concord and beyond,” Hughes said.

“Of course, not all of Concord’s residents have a couch to enjoy the show from, so we couldn’t help but think of those in need most in during this COVID-19 moment,” he added. “We’re hoping to not only create more exposure for these artists –  many of whom are currently out of work – but to also help with the citywide effort to raise funds to help Concord’s most vulnerable folks.”

Hughes launched the first digital presence last Friday at, which has grown to more than 700 members. CCC has since launched a primary Facebook page at

For a complete lineup list, visit the new Facebook page. The group page also has a 10-minute presentation. Or contact Hughes at

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