Images of America: Concord by Joel Harris

Community responds to news of Concord bookstore woes

Berkshire Books had been closed for weeks when its owner, Lynn Keuhl, was hospitalized and had to have his leg amputated. Then friends of the Concord bookstore shared the word everywhere from The Pioneer front page to a KTVU News story. A large group of supporters came out to browse the shelves this weekend, which included a book signing event.

Images of America: Concord by Joel HarrisJoel Harris, former owner of Clayton Books, helped gather up the volunteers to re-open the shop and keep it running through the holidays. He signed copies of his book, Images of America: Concord which was selling fast (and makes a great Christmas gift).

Stop by the shop to support local book stores and local business owners. You can also pick up your FREE copy of The Pioneer at the store. Berkshire Books is located at 3480 Clayton Road, in Concord, CA.

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