Commission ready to review general plan

A general plan is a local government’s long-term blueprint for the community’s vision of growth.

The elements within a general plan are wide-ranging and cover topics such as economic vitality, land use, growth management, transportation, parks and open space, safety and noise, public facilities and utilities and, last but not least in terms of importance, housing.

The city of Concord adopted its 2030 Urban Area General Plan in 2007. Concord’s 2030 General Plan can be viewed at

Each year, the planning agency of local governments prepares an annual progress report to provide an update on how we’re tracking to achieve our goals. The annual report also shines a light on whether we’re meeting our fair share of regional housing needs, as well as efforts to remove governmental constraints to the maintenance, improvement and development of housing.

The Planning Commission will review Concord’s annual report covering calendar year 2018 at the 6:30 p.m. March 20 meeting in the city’s Council Chambers. The annual report provides a summary of the year’s progress.

While governments are often viewed as moving at glacial pace, I’m often impressed with the volume and quality of work that our staff produces and what is accomplished throughout the year. I encourage you to attend the meeting or view the annual report when it’s posted to the city’s website.

Jason Laub is Chief Operating Officer at RAD Urban and is a City of Concord Planning Commissioner. Email questions or comments to

Jason Laub