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Color creativity essential to any home project

Color creativity essential to any home project
Whether you choose neutral installed materials or materials with distinct color, choose ones that speak to your sense of home.

Jennifer Leischer Design and Decor(Sept. 10, 2022) — When a design project begins, there can be this overwhelming, elephant in the room, life-altering decision to choose the “right” color scheme for your living space.

Whether you’re investing in a new kitchen, an addition or a bathroom remodel, the materials that you choose will be with you for a very long time. Remodels are incredibly exciting, but the budgets to create these spaces, not so much. Getting your installed materials right the first time is key.

Looking beyond your favorites

We all have a favorite color scheme; red and brown earthy tones, deep inky blue with pops of teal, jewel-toned purples and golds, or burnt orange with swirls of cream and chocolate. But these color schemes are not necessarily what we envision when it comes time to installed materials.

I love pink in any tint: fuchsia, rose, ballet slipper, blush, pink lemonade, rouge, punch and so on. Pink is a happy color that is quite versatile as an accent in a decorative setting. Think blush towels in an all-white bathroom or punch-colored frames in a playroom.

Yet as much as I love pink, I want something more neutral when it comes to the installed materials in my home.

On the quiet side

Color creativity essential to any home projectAs you prepare for your project, you could easily pin a thousand all-white bathrooms and kitchens that each look completely different. It’s no secret: White is an easy, fail-safe color that has been used over and over again with stunning results. White is tried and true, so there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel should you need a straightforward color direction for your project.

For your dining and living rooms, colors from the taupe family are equality as neutral and unfussy. If holiday décor is at the top of your seasonal to-do list, a living space with a quiet backdrop is not out of the question. The primary or guest bedrooms can also be neutral.

Color plays an important role in the enjoyment of a living space. Most would agree that when it comes to a bedroom, the best colors are usually quiet, neutral tones, while the great room or game room, by contrast, is full of color and life.

Back in black

There is nothing wrong with using neutral colors for your installed materials. A soothing backdrop of white and/or taupe can be classic and timeless. Yet, there’s another color that you should include in your white and taupe color scheme – black.

Color creativity essential to any home projectAdding hints of black into a living space will completely change its aesthetic. When black is used in a significant way, it will add drama while introducing a grounding element.

For example, in your kitchen, consider a black island surrounded by white or walnut perimeter cabinets. A black metal framed glass door for your home office will add a unique posh setting, as taupe cabinets sit in the distance. Black accessories on an all-white built-in great room bookcase will pop amongst the rest of your accessories.

A pool table with black felt. Black pendants with gold interiors hanging above an island. A big black faux fur throw swagged over the back of your living room sofa. The list can go on indefinitely as black accents turn an ordinary living space into one with a sophisticated edge.

Making a house a home

Most of us just want our homes to feel pulled together, where the color scheme feels effortless. We strive for the general colors of our homes to be understated and classic, with pops of color that we aren’t necessarily tied to long-term.

We expect the colors we incorporate to be versatile. We want our furniture and accessories to feel unforced, a curated feeling where all the finishes blend naturally.

Whether you choose neutral installed materials or materials with distinct color, choose ones that speak to your sense of home.

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Jennifer Leischer

Jennifer Leischer is the owner of J. Designs Interior Design based in Clayton, CA. Combining a public relations degree from California State University, Chico, with further studies in design and interior architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, Jennifer began her career as an interior designer in 1998, working for various firms in San Francisco and Orinda, and Denver, Colorado. She describes every designing moment, throughout her career, as a wonderful tutorial about the importance of relationships, open communication, and getting down to the basics of functional, yet stylish, living spaces.