Clayton’s green plan includes ­charging stations, solar upgrades

Clayton’s green plan includes ­charging stations, solar upgrades

Clayton’s green plan includes ­charging stations, solar upgrades
$2.1 million in green upgrades will pay off with utility savings, lower maintenance costs and less pressure on staff. (Climatec)

CLAYTON, CA (Sept. 15, 2023) — Using a major infusion of cash for green projects, the City Council awarded $2.1 million to Climatec to fund transformational work.

The plan includes improved water main infrastructure and water conservation, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the library and other benefits. To help fund the project, the city will use a $1.9 million loan obtained from the California Energy Commission at 1% interest.

All five members of the council are supportive of the green initiative.

“The project benefits include energy-efficient lighting, water conservation, updated HVAC and building automation systems, an EV charging station at the library and solar PV at the maintenance yard,” noted Councilmember Kim Trupiano.

Major improvements

City offices will receive a major update as part of the improvements.

“The solar PV structures alone are projected to offset the site’s electrical load 100%, including library, City Hall and maintenance facility, creating a Net Zero Energy (NZE) site,” Trupiano said.

That means the city offices will balance their electricity needs with energy produced from renewable, zero-emission sources like solar power.

City Manager Bret Prebula says Clayton may have the first City Hall in the county to achieve the Net Zero feat. “I know the county itself has a lot of buildings that are that way,” he added.

The undertaking will kick off this month and take about a year. At the end of that time, Trupiano says, “our city will be able to address its aging infrastructure, the rise of utility costs and create improved efficiencies, putting us on a firm path toward NZE and nearly $5 million in lifecycle savings.”

Charging stations

Many around town are excited about the EV charging stations coming to the library. Though the stations will not be free, Councilmember Holly Tillman says it makes Clayton a more viable travel stop.

“Being so far between charging stations is a problem for people who drive electric vehicles,” said Tillman, who has an EV. “When people are coming down Morgan Territory Road between us and Antioch and Brentwood, it’s a great thing to know that they can stop and charge if they need to.”

Clayton resident and EV owner Jeff Annison echoes Tillman’s sentiments.

“As owners of an EV, the more charging station coverage there is in the world, the better,” he said. “Knowing there is a place to top off your EV in Clayton may encourage visitors to our town.”

According to Prebula, even more charging stations may be in the city’s future. “We are looking to potentially, in Phase two, add more areas throughout the city.”

Climate Action Plan

Councilmember Peter Cloven brought the Climatec project to the city’s attention after learning about the company last July, when he saw Climatec’s presentation on Climate Action Plans. He was immediately moved to action.

“I met with Climatec in July of last year when I went to Long Beach for the Cal Cities conference. I came back and I reported to the City Council on this and put out the fact that I wanted to work with Climatec,” he said.

Cloven is grateful for the unanimous council agreement. “It’s not a full Climate Action Plan, but it’s a good step toward at least being responsible with our resources.”

Vince Martellacci
Vince Martellacci

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