Clayton's Firewise townhall spurs wildfire prevention initiatives

Clayton’s Firewise townhall spurs wildfire prevention initiatives

Clayton city councilmember Holly Tillman.

CLAYTON, CA (Dec. 12, 2023) — Councilmember Holly Tillman, in a proactive initiative to bolster community preparedness and address the looming threat of wildfires, called an informational town hall at Hoyer Hall Nov. 13. Approximately 30 Clayton residents, demonstrating a keen interest in joining a Firewise Community, actively participated in the meeting.

Marsh Creek rancher and wildfire expert Sue Thompson and Morgan Territory resident Tamara Steiner shared valuable insights on wildfire prevention strategies tailored for the Clayton area. Tillman provided a comprehensive explanation of how Firewise communities work, stressing the importance of proactive measures, especially in a vulnerable community like Clayton.

Both Thompson and Steiner live in the rural area bordering the city and have been directly impacted by wildfire. Thompson showed slides of past fires near her ranch that illustrated how preventive measures, including fuel source removal, saved her ranch. The entire area including the Marsh Creek/Morgan Territory area and the urban developments in Clayton are classified as an Wildland Urban Interface—areas that are extremely vulnerable to wildfire.

The Fire Triangle

Clayton's Firewise townhall spurs wildfire prevention initiatives “Fire depends on oxygen, heat and fuel – the Fire Triangle, Thompson explained. “The only component property owners can control is the fuel,” she said. “So removing the fuel source by clearing 100 ft. of defensible space and getting rid of landscaping adjacent to buildings is vital to protecting your home from a devastating fire.”

Tillman will initially form two Firewise communities with 16 homes – one within the Clayton city limits and the other for the unincorporated areas of Morgan Territory and Marsh Creek Road.

“Each member is responsible for clearing debris from their property annually to participate in a Firewise Community,” Tillman said.

“We will meet again in early 2024 with ConFire present to show us examples of good fire prevention techniques. They will also help us get our Firewise Communities launched,” she noted. “We will share the details of the next meeting after the holidays.”

Tillman expects more participation from residents as the community learns about Firewise Communities and as fire season gets closer.


Residents can stay informed by signing up for the mailing list at Additionally, you can register with local agencies for emergency updates.

Seeking further information? Please refer to the provided links and actively contribute to building community resilience against the imminent threat of wildfires.