Clayton Cleans Up returns to beautify town just in time for Art & Wine Fest

Clayton Cleans Up returns to beautify town just in time for Art & Wine Fest
The last Clayton Cleans Up event was held in 2019.

CLAYTON, CA (April 21, 2023) — After a three-year hiatus, Clayton Cleans Up returns 9 a.m.-noon Saturday, April 22.

As in years prior, the event will coincide with Earth Day, and comes one week before the Clayton Business & Community Association’s Art & Wine Festival. In contrast to the past, however, the event is being spearheaded by one resident: Clayton City Councilmember Peter Cloven.

The event hit a roadblock and was discontinued after the 2019 clean-up because of COVID-19. Prior to that, the clean-up was held thanks to the city and the Pioneer’s combined efforts each Earth Day for a decade. Cloven credits Pioneer co-publisher Bob Steiner with helping him through the learning curves of taking on the event.

People who want to volunteer to clean up the heart of Clayton can sign in at 9 a.m. in the courtyard outside City Hall. From there, Cloven says they don’t have too strict of a goal. Following the clean-up, volunteers will meet back in the courtyard for a noon barbecue.
“They’ll get a T-shirt and they’ll get gloves and a garbage bag. And then they’re going to give them the simple instruction to go and clean up,” says Cloven.

Citizens in charge

Cloven wants volunteers to pick up trash in whatever areas they prefer, giving people the chance to clean spots that are special to them. “I want the citizens to be in charge of choosing the areas that make sense based on their observations of our town,” Cloven notes.

He calls the event an opportunity for residents to engage in a community-building cause that everyone can support. “If you’re willing (to help), this is such a nonpartisan issue. It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you fall on politically. Everybody actually loves our city.”
He goes on to say that Clayton Cleans Up is focused on general community improvement. “There’s no profit motive.”

Cloven hopes volunteers will clean up their own neighborhoods or “other places of public visibility.” The town center is also likely to get a new life.

“It’s the week before the Art & Wine Festival. So, it’s really appropriate to spruce up our town for all the visitors who are coming.”