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Website advertising has 10,200 average website engagements per month (6 month period, Sept. 2019 to Feb. 2020). 80% are LOCAL within 8-mile radius of Concord.

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Ad Sizes

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Travis Credit Union

Large, $350: The Large ad will run as a banner that runs across the page on a computer screen or tablet, 728 pixels wide X 90 pixels tall. On a phone, the ad will run 300 pixels wide X 500 pixels tall.

Small $250: The Small ad is 200 pixels wide X 165 pixels tall. It runs the same size on all devices (computer, phone, and tablet).

Your Pioneer ad will link directly to your website with a click, or to a separate Pioneer page with information about your service, event or product.



Ad placement

  • Available positions:
  • Top of home page and top of every story: plus $100 (Large ad only)
  • After paragraph 1: plus $50
  • Embedded in every story (between paragraphs): No extra charge

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