Talking across our differences—A community discussion

In today’s polarized environment, the Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church is hosting a series of civil, moderated conversations about hot political topics. They invite you to join your neighbors and meet one another to hear and discuss different world views, beliefs, and deeply held convictions.

The first of these moderated conversations focuses on rent control. Speakers on both sides of the topic will demonstrate how to talk civilly across differences of opinion.  Participants will be invited likewise to share their opinions in polite, open, respectful and non-attacking ways.  The purpose of these conversations is to hear one another and work together to maintain relationships despite differences.

Topic – Rent Control
Date – Sunday, April 28 at 4 pm
Location – Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church, 1578 Kirker Pass Road, Clayton, CA
Speakers – Costa County Tenant Rights Advocate (For) and the President of County Apartment Association (Against)

Please bring your friends on either side of the issue.

For further info, contact the church at or visit their website