Pioneer Distribution map Odd Even

Pioneer readers ― Are you an ‘odd’ or an ‘even’?

Tamara Steiner, Publisher

If you found the July 17 issue of the Pioneer in your driveway this month, you are an “odd” one, indeed.

Starting with the June issue, we began rotating free delivery in our Concord distribution area. Half of Concord , roughly 94518 and 94521 in the southwest corner of the city, will receive delivery in EVEN months. The rest of our Concord routes in the northeast parts of town will receive free delivery in ODD numbered months. Our full distribution map is on our website. Check to see if you are ODD or EVEN.

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Finding new ways forward

We are now four months into COVID 19. It has been a time of confusion and fear for many. We have stayed home, gone out, masked up and stayed home again. Our businesses have suffered, some fatally. But we are a nimble people. We are finding new ways to go to school, work and play. None of it is anyone’s first choice.

Never has the role of community journalism been more important than now. Demand for news has tripled, even quadrupled. Our advertisers are staggering under the economic realities of months of closure with no revenue and now the added costs of retooling for the new normal. Despite the hardship, they continue to support us and the community. This month, we welcome new advertiser Whit’s Painting to the Pioneer. Many will recognize the work of this family owned company on homes and condos throughout Clayton and Concord. Please see their ad on page 13 of the July 17 Pioneer or scroll down to the end of this story.

Support all the advertisers in the Pioneer. Because of them, we can bring you local news that you can’t get anywhere else.

This month, we also introduce a new correspondent. Diane is a broadcast journalism major at CalState Northridge. She is taking her classes online at home in Concord for this semester. Check out her headline story in the July 17 Pioneer: Two movements, one common cause as Concord residents stage protests and look for more from her in future issues.