Letter to the Editor: Is this Leadership We Can Trust?

CLAYTON, CA (Nov. 1, 2022) — Jeff Wan’s comments during the League of Women Voters forum are at odds with his votes on The Olivia project.

“I mean ultimately it’s of critical importance that we are in compliance with the laws so to the extent that there’s a law that even if 100% of the community disagreed with it’s not an option to not be in compliance with the law… it is of critical importance that we are in compliance so I would never advocate for anything different.”
– Jeff Wan

The Olivia was the exact scenario that Jeff is describing yet voted NO, not once but twice, against this project that was in full compliance of the law. When tested in court by a private lawsuit, the judge ruled that the city acted properly in approving the project. Was this to gain political favor amongst his supporters and to further the divide in our city created by Save Clayton?

This is leadership I cannot trust to make the right decisions for our city.

—A.J. Chippero, Clayton resident

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