It's expensive to build in California

It’s expensive to build in California
Assemblyman Tim Grayson talks about why

It's expensive to build in California
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Join the discussion with the Concord Chamber of Commerce.
June 15, 4 pm.

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Tim Grayson

CONCORD, CA (June 8, 2021) — Local jurisdictions levy development fees to pay for the services needed to support new housing. These fees can make up a substantial portion of the cost to build new housing in California cities. These impact fees must be justified through the use of a “nexus study,” which illustrates the relationship between a new development and its impacts on infrastructure.

However, these nexus studies are currently governed by an opaque and informal patchwork of guidelines and common practices, with no requirements set in statute. Without uniform guidance on how these studies should be conducted, impact fees in some jurisdictions have gone through the roof, making housing unaffordable for working families.

This year, Assemblymember Grayson is carrying legislation to tackle the confusing web of practices and information that shape impact fees. As both a contractor and the former Mayor of Concord, Grayson brings his unique experiences to the question of balancing necessary development fees with the need to build more housing that is affordable.

Join the Concord Chamber of Commerce on June 15 to hear from Tim Grayson about what he’s doing in the state legislature to address impact fees, the state’s housing crisis, and more.

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