Contra Costa Cleaning experts from The Maids offer services to those in need

Contra Costa Cleaning experts from The Maids offer services to those in need

Contra Costa Cleaning experts from The Maids offer services to those in need

One of the ways you can protect your family, our communities and yourself during this pandemic is by keeping a hygienic home.

Because sanitation expertise matters immensely now, David Alsup of the Maids of Concord says there has never been a better time to hire a professional cleaning service. Alsup says his employees can offer assistance to those who need help keeping a clean home.

“Many of our customers are unable to sanitize and disinfect their homes on their own, or are now working and schooling from home with no time left to properly clean,” he said. “The Maids is considered an essential service and continues to offer our cleaning expertise to those in need. Our team members are proud to answer the call for help in our community.”

Alsup shared the steps his office is taking to protect customers and teams during the pandemic. The business specializes in cleaning specifically for health, and his teams are properly equipped to sanitize and disinfect. The Maids has always adhered to strict guidelines to protect the health of both customers and team members but has implemented even more stringent protocols in response to the coronavirus.

Some of the Maids’ many safety measures:

  • Teams meticulously sanitize and disinfect light switches, doorknobs, telephones and all hard surfaces with an Environmental Protection Agency registered disinfectant that has been proven effective against coronavirus.
  • Between client homes, staff replaces all microfiber cloths, brushes, toilet brushes and scrubbing tools. This ensures no pathogen-crossover between clients.
  • All vacuums and cleaning buckets are disinfected after each use.
  • Team members wear masks, gloves and shoe covers. The teams are also provided with hand sanitizer, which they use regularly, specifically between homes.
  • The interiors of team vehicles are disinfected daily.

The Maids’ 22-step cleaning process is designed with health in mind, and expert cleaners work diligently to remove viruses, bacteria and other pathogens from each home they clean.

If you would like help disinfecting your home, consider hiring a professional cleaning service during this time when cleaning for health has never been more important.

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