Concord Police investigating threat against Clayton Valley Charter High

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Clayton Valley Charter High school. (Pete Cruz photo)

CONCORD, CA (June 2, 2022) — Late Wednesday evening, officials at Clayton Valley Charter High School in Concord became aware of a possible threat against the school.

Clayton Valley Executive Director Dave Fehte has released the following letter outlining the incident and response to it:

Late last night, our administrative team was notified of a concerning video circulating on social media. The video forwarded to us was of a CVCHS student making a threat towards the school.

Immediately, our team notified the Concord Police Department (CPD) of the threat. CPD is now investigating, a case has been opened, and has been in contact with the student. As a result of the threat and the initial investigation, CVCHS has notified the student that they cannot return to campus until the matter is resolved.

Today for the last day of school, there will be an increased presence of CPD officers around the perimeter of our campus. CVCHS would like to thank our local law enforcement partners for their immediate attention and response.

Any further actions including possible expulsion from CVCHS will be decided by the administration and the Governing Board working with the Concord Police Department and any other law enforcement agency.

As always, the well-being of our students is our primary concern. Any threat to student safety will be taken with the utmost seriousness, dealt with swiftly, and resolved.

Once again, please take a moment to discuss social media use together with your student. It’s important for everyone to know how to P-A-U-S-E before posting. By pausing, they can take a moment and assess if the information they’re sharing is Positive, Accurate, Useful, Supportive, and Ethical.

Thank you to the many parents, students, and staff members for immediately reporting this threat to school administration. It takes an active and involved community to assist us in keeping our campus a safe place to learn.