Clayton family missing bird

Clayton family searching for lost bird, missing since March 19

Clayton family searching for lost bird
Cookie is a young male grey cockatiel, with white wings.

A Clayton family has been devastated since their pet bird went missing. Katie Drynkin said, “It is heart wrenching to see my child cry over Cookie, who is his best friend, his buddy, huge part of our family and irreplaceable part of our hearts.”

Drynkin’s 9-year-old son marked his calendar: “March 19 – the Worst Day of My Life- Permanent”

Cookie is a young male grey cockatiel, with white wings. His head feathers are turning yellow, and cheek patches are brighter orange. He is not afraid of people, he is tame, extremely friendly and very vocal. Cookie knows his name, he can say it, and he can play peekaboo.

Drynkin informed 911 Parrot Alert on Facebook. Its group administrator Carol Kessler is helping in my search. The family notified Clayton Police, local pet/pet food shops, made posts on Nextdoor and Craigslist, and distributed flyers on the streets. So far, no sightings have been reported.

Drynkin says, “Clayton is known for its wonderful community, and I am hoping that someone will notice Cookie on their back yard, window sill, or a tree branch, and reach out to me.”

If you are in Clayton or surrounding areas and think you might have seen Cookie, please contact Katie at (925) 255-3770.