Center for Elders’ Independence Brings Enhanced Services to West Contra Costa County Seniors

The new PACE Center in West Contra Costa County will bring many great features. These include full geriatric clinic and a robust rehab gym designed specifically for seniors.

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA (Jan. 25, 2023) — Center for Elders’ Independence plans to address an expected 485% increase in the population of seniors over 80 by 2060.

CEI has a mission to provide every senior access to highly coordinated health care and social services. They strive for this with their Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) model of care. The group designed PACE for seniors with preexisting conditions. Some call it the gold standard of long-term care. It places much focus on preventive care so people stay healthy and happy and out of the hospital. PACE combines a day center, a full geriatric clinic, a rehab gym, dental, and homecare. It also provides transportation to a robust team of professionals who specialize in caring only for seniors.

“We plan to open a new PACE Center on the Richmond El Sobrante border in late 2023 so West County residents can receive PACE services in their own neighborhood,” CEI’s President and CEO Maria Zamora said. “We are firmly committed to this community. CEI has been serving West County for 22 years, and we want to provide more robust services by locating a PACE center in the heart of West County.”

Late 2023 opening

Because PACE West County will be opening in late 2023, CEI will be closing Guardian Adult Day Health Center this year. “COVID brought many challenges to Adult Day Healthcare and the model is not fully meeting the needs of the community. Current PACE members attending Guardian will have uninterrupted service through our Berkeley PACE center.  We will be working with the health plans in the area to make sure any current Guardian participants who are not in PACE, can get other community services,” Zamora said.

“All of the talented and committed Guardian staff are being offered the opportunity to work at other PACE centers until West County PACE opens later this year,” she said. “They are such caring people and we hope to keep each of them employed through this transition.”

The new PACE West County center will span 18,000 sq.ft. featuring state-of-the-art construction. It will feature a full geriatric clinic, a robust rehab gym designed specifically for seniors. In addition, a senior social center will host activities and hot meals.