Veronice Gomez State Farm
Veronice Gomez State Farm

Pioneer Appeal/Donate

An appeal to help save local newspapers

An appeal to help save local newspapersAll over the country, free community newspapers are shutting down – threatened into extinction by the costs of paper, printing, postage and people.

Since 2003 here at the Pioneer, our small, stellar staff has spit in the face of danger, defied the revenue gods and month after month delivered a quality print newspaper on deadline for 393 issues that our advertisers are proud to call home.

We are committed to the communities we serve. We will continue to cover the coronavirus, city councils, politics, sports, schools, businesses and performing arts. But to do this, we need your help. We turn to you, our readers, with an appeal for your financial support as we reposition for the future. Please use the form below to donate any amount. You be  the judge.

We are still here. We plan to stay. Thank you for your support.

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