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New half-cent sales tax in Contra Costa? Save Mount Diablo coalition urges action on vote.

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New half-cent sales tax in Contra Costa?
Traffic on Hwy 4. (C. Ogden photo)

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is planning to place a new half-cent sales tax for transportation on the March 2020 ballot, which would raise more than $3 billion over 30 years.  CCTA votes on this ballot measure Wednesday, August 21, 2019.

Save Mount Diablo and more than a dozen partner organizations are pushing the CCTA to make certain commitments on this measure. They want the money to go towards making Contra Costa County more affordable, safe and healthy. They also would like to see efforts made in removing transportation barriers for seniors, youth and people with disabilities.

The coalition asks that concerned residents contact decision-makers on these issues as well. The group would like the CCTA to focus on:

  • significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and commit to no new GHG and VMT-inducing projects.
  • increased funding on public transportation
  • an outcomes-oriented approach with measurable performance targets and binding criteria NOW, before the expenditure plan is approved, to determine how dollars are spent and ensure the plan results in the greatest public benefit for every dollar spent.
  • prioritizing social equity and improving transportation options for all, especially those with the greatest transportation barriers, including youth, seniors, people of lower incomes and people with disabilities.
  • a commitment to transparent public oversight and deep community engagement going forward

If you’d like to share your priorities with CCTA before their Aug. 21 vote, you can contact staff and commissioners directly or fill out the online survey here: CCTA “Plan for Contra Costa’s Future” survey.

Save Mount Diablo says it is “currently doing its due diligence and waiting to see what improvements will be made to the draft expenditure plan, before taking a formal position on this matter.”

Who to send comments to?

You can contact CCTA staff and Commissioners to voice your position. Each Commissioner is from an elected body in the County. You can email all of them because they’re making decisions that affect the whole County.  Be sure to sign your name and personalize your message.

Coalition groups

Save Mount Diablo has partnered with the following groups in this call for action. To download a more detailed list of their asks, click here.

  • 350 Bay Area
  • Bike East Bay
  • Contra Costa Citizen’s Lobby
  • Contra Costa Climate Action Network
  • Contra Costa MoveOn
  • Elders Climate Action
  • Greenbelt Alliance
  • Indivisible ReSisters Walnut Creek
  • Orinda Progressive Action Alliance
  • Monument Impact
  • Sunflower Alliance
  • Sustainable Rossmoor
  • TransForm
  • Urban Habitat
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